7 days of poems that help me get over you


“A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be, and then making the best out of it” —


“It was a simple summer

of faded wishes,

missing kisses,

and stranger things.

The struggle to pull you in

kept me reaching.

Reality looked lonely,

until you fell for me,

And fall,

it was all the magic”- perry poetry


“Don’t promise to live forever,

promise to live while you’re alive”- Atticus



you’re going to miss a person

who was an almost to you.

And feel sad because

there is no name

for that feeling.

You just feel it in a way

that makes you tired

to your very bones.” — Nikita Gill


For you to see beauty here

does not mean

there is beauty in me

it means there is beauty rooted

so deep within you

you can’t help but

see it everywhere”- Milk and Honey


It’s as if you knew, even without me saying it.

And this is so hard to come by

but I’m so glad to have experience it all.

This feeling, the connection of the souls.

It was happy while it lasted.- (me)


“Be so full that even if

they take & take

& take & take

you can still be overflowing” — Alison Malee



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Birdie Liau

Birdie Liau

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