Didn’t expect to fall for someone like you

I didn’t expect myself to like you.

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When you truly like someone, it kinda just sinks in and it hits you out of nowhere. You’d be shocked by how it happened, the agony between keeping your feelings to yourself without asking for anything in return. It’s a real struggle especially when it comes from nowhere and consume you whole.

It’s always the “unexpected” ones, the random someone that doesn’t fit the boxes you’ve in your head.

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The complete opposite of what you’re but when chemistry and sparks fly – you just can’t help it but to fall deep and hard. The calmness that washes over me when I’m with you comes in waves, it’s been awhile since I last felt so comfortable just being myself with someone else (the last person broke me into pieces) , that’s why I’m consumed by fear.

This is the kind of feeling- you can’t just suddenly just switch it on and off whenever you want. Your mind wander about the person even when you’re doing the simplest thing- when a certain songs popped up on the radio, when you’re gazing up at the night sky and even a certain scent brings you right back to them.

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It’s clear that you’ve fallen for the person, something that you’ve been trying to deny for the longest time. Because they suddenly hold this unknown power over your fragile heart for the first time in a very long time, you can be hanging out or meeting new people – going on mindless little date to try and get them out of your mind but your mind unknowingly wanders back to the “person” and you do all this little comparison in your head.

This is the “scary” part, it’s been too long since you last felt something like this and you’d rather conceal your true feelings because you are afraid to lose them in your life, afraid of ruining this budding flowers that’s growing in your heart.

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It felt so right yet wrong, the kisses and intimacy flows naturally. But you’re afraid to ask for more, this boiling anticipation of anxiety when you finally realized that you aren’t cold-hearted after-all because this someone special have awaken your hidden desire that you’ve been suppressing for so long.

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