Empty chase | The Art Of Being Alone

The art of being alone- anyone can be “alone” but to achieve true happiness while being alone is on an entirely different level. It took me years to finally comprehend what it meant to be truly content with myself as we live in this world where we are constantly on and off to the next chase, achievement and distractions.

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If you dive in deep within yourself, you’d realized that it’s difficult to be alone as it’s always easier to be with someone than being alone-

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We often lost in this empty chase where we tend to forget that we are the one who has been there all along for ourselves. Even though people around you can give you the support, love and care that you needed during both good/ bad times but the one that can choose to bring you out of your misery or celebrate your success is when you decided within yourself that you’re worth it, you are worth more than other people’s opinion on you.

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This discovery don’t come suddenly, it all comes from time and practices where I spend time in retrospect and reflect about everything when I am by myself.

This is where filling myself with thoughts that radiate positive and beautiful things comes into play, this is the kind of energy that I wish to see upon the society. So I started filing myself with all this little “magic” that will one day turn into something more. It’s normal to not feel “positive” 24/7 but always remember that you are your own master and you can choose how to handle the situation when things don’t go your way in life.

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I learnt that you grow the most when we face reality head on, to be comfortable within our own skin and shine by yourself without the need for constant validation and external stimuli.

Treat yourself to discover that new café that you’ve always wanted to go, take yourself to the cinema, go for that long-run that makes you feel happy! Time for you to experience life through your own perspective without clouded judgement from others, this is how you take baby steps to happiness.

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Even though, I do admit that we need human touch and company. The meaningful relationships and interactions but it’s mindful to remember that other people are not gonna be your comfort blanket forever. They shouldn't hold such strong power over your life where you forgotten how to be happy by yourself!

Learning the art of being alone does not mean you need to shut out the rest of the world or being closed off. You can still experience love and create beautiful memories with people. But being self-reliant are great attributes to have that can help you and others around you to be happier and this can help you conquer your own life.

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It’s only when you master the art of being alone that you can give love to others. Don’t forget that true happiness and love can only be found from within.

One baby step at a time.

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