The greatest love story doesn’t always last a lifetime

Birdie Liau
5 min readFeb 10, 2022


When a certain song suddenly hits the radio or on one of those days when you watch a passionate love scene off the big screen and it suddenly brings you back to your own greatest love story — the one that take your breath away, the love of your life kind of love.

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This is the kind of love that teaches more than you thought you could ever learn and gives back infinitely more than what it takes. We all have that one special “person” living silently in our heart, the one that shows up unexpectedly in your life and take your breath away.

Even if the time together was just for a short while it created a lifetime of memories that surpasses lots of others because it’s just that memorable, nothing can ever replace that feeling. The ones that still bring up warmth tingling feeling in your chest whenever someone brings them up by passing and no matter how old you are now — they have the power to make you feel that young teenage-love rush. Whenever you close your eyes and think back about the time together, the memories are still as clear as the daylight because they are just that impactful in your life.

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I still count myself lucky to get to meet this person in my life, every seconds spent together was priceless. Truth to be told, I do not regret the time spent together even if it’s like a short-lived rain. Even if I have the chance to turn back time and choose again, I’d give up everything just to experience the ups and downs with my “person”. Because with them it evoke such strong feelings in me, the rare genuine love where I willingly choose to surrender my vulnerable self , open my heart for the first time and to truly understand what it feels like to receive and give love selflessly.

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With this special someone, you always have time for them- it is never too early or late. You’d be there for them whenever they need you to be — the rainy midnight, early morning even before the sunrise, quiet evening and especially through the silence of the night. You’d be there and drop everything for them whenever they need a company. Because no matter the time of the day, you just can’t bear to see them unhappy — you’d love to be there for them even through the silence of the night even if it’s just to bring them a little comfort by silently embracing them through the thick and thin.

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It’s like an out of the world experience to just being vulnerable and fully-present in the moment. Willingly opening up your heart to the possibility of pain but still going for it because you are just so in love with them. They are the one that brings up the best in you even during one of the silliest and simple moment in life, it’s just magical when it’s with them.

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You can be having one of the most simple meal together but with them the whole experience just elevated, the air felt electrified and the food just taste like home. Because it was with your “person”.

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But here’s the catch ain’t it? The greatest love story — the loves of our lives doesn’t always last a lifetime. Sometimes, we just don’t get to wake up next to them, we do not get marry to them or even have the chance to grow old together. Even though, we’d love to and we play the “what-ifs” one thousand time over and over in our mind.

The sad truth is love doesn’t conquer all in the real world. Things don’t just play out the way you want in life — unforeseeable circumstances can force people to drift apart, one person might have different goals from another, moving away and even just meeting at the wrong time.

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Not ending up with them doesn’t change the facts that it is still the love of your life. The amount of time spent together doesn’t really matter — With the memorable love, it can happen in a single day, weeks, months or even years. They are the one that gave you the feelings and love more than what others could have gave you in 20 years. The love you experienced together teaches you so much more within this fond period of your life that can possibly last you a lifetime. Because deep down in your heart, you know that no one else can ever match or replace their love in your heart.

I am just beyond grateful that I get to experience this once in a lifetime feeling. Even though, I don’t get to keep them. I still count my blessing daily that I get this wonderful chance to embrace and learn from the love of my life. To truly experience what is true genuine love for someone without wanting anything in return. With each high, I also get to experience the real heartbreak and learn how to let go of the memories you gave me.

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The love of my life taught me that meeting and letting go doesn’t necessary have to be a tragedy in my life. Eventually, it’s how we make the best out of the experience- to take it as a blessing to have met someone like you and experienced an out of the world kind of love.



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