Yoga Teacher Training 200H Experience- Keeping up with Covid19 [Side Hustle]

Getting my Yoga Teacher Training certificate is probably one of the most fulfilling milestone that happened during this unprecedented time. As more people across the world are trying to stay home amid the COVID-19 outbreak to stay safe, there are no better time to learn something new and start a side hustle! Read on if you are also interested in getting that YTT certificate and be your own boss!

Yoga Teacher Training is absolutely for everybody whether you’re just starting out as a yoga rookie or you finally feel the calling to dive deeper into the rich history of the ancient yoga practice (Meditation, Pranayama, Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy and Asana). YTT is a brand new experience to discover things about yoga you never knew existed and a great experience to uncover inner elements of yourself. Let’s just right into it!

To be frank, I was quite skeptical when I first heard about the Online Yoga Teacher Training Program but after much research about the various types of Yoga Teacher Schools and binge-watched all the YTT YouTube Experience. I eventually found my perfect fit with Yoga & Ayurveda Center based in US. It was a 200-hour program.

The genuine passion of the studio owner and close-knitted yoga community that Yoga & Ayurveda Centre provided was what drew me to settle for this school. Their program was quite flexible and I absolutely loved it!

2. Cost of RYT & YTT Program

I paid about USD $500 to get Yoga Alliance Certified (RYT200)- you can find my Yoga Profile over here- Birdie Liau , a little cost breakdown for you guys:

USD $385–YTT 200H Online With Yoga & Ayurveda Center

USD $115- RYT200H Certified With Yoga Alliance

Today, you can get a 200-hour certification for anywhere online between $385 and $2000. Choosing the right training for you will largely depend on what style of yoga training you feel comfortable with and what you want to do with your certification after you graduate. It’s definitely a great steal as compared to F2F Yoga Teacher Training prior to COVID-19 which can range between $1800 and $4000.

3. How fast can you finish the Yoga Teacher Training?

Online YTT Program may be the best thing for you because it’s absolutely self-paced! You can have access to the yoga materials anytime & anywhere using any devices. So I literally practice, read and research yoga whenever it fits into my schedule.

It took me about 2 months by slowly incorporating my yoga training into my daily practice, using the knowledges I have learn in my yoga flow.

With this program that I chose, you need to complete either the Final Exam or Live-Teaching Yoga Class (Final Project) + 5 Yoga Lessons Plan.

I know it sounds like a ton of work but it’s actually quite fun when you dive right into it. Absolutely fell in love with how instructors from this YTT Program + the wonderful community that are always so ready to help answers any burning questions I have and to provide guidance along my training and practice!

4. What to expect from the YTT Program?

It’s more than just the asana and vinyasa flow that you learn from the yoga studio!

It consists of so much more! It’s definitely an eye-opening experience for you to get in-depth about the various yoga techniques, anatomy, physiology, yoga philosophy, pranayama, meditation, lifestyle, ethics, value of teaching yoga, different styles of yoga, how to communicate and teach and even yoga as a business.

5. Difference between RYT-200 & YTT-200?

Both are equally recognized, it really depends ultimately on what you plan to do with your certificate after you complete your course. Take me as an example, I decided to register with Yoga Alliance to get my RYT-200 since I already devoted my time for this YTT and I decided ‘why not?’ but it certainly doesn’t mean that I am anymore qualified than any other YTT-200H out there!

But there are situation where certain studios required their yoga teacher to be RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher).

So what does it mean to be RYT?

A RYT is a extra distinction given to yoga teacher that completed training with Registered Yoga School that meet Yoga Alliance requirements, so school/ students can find you in Yoga Alliance’s directory.

So eventually the final decision is up to you! You can use either the YTT-200H / RYT-200 to teach yoga both online and offline!

6. Is it a good way to increase your income?

Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

Definitely! There are many things you can do with your 200-hour training, I have seen cases of people that started teaching right away by starting their own weekly online yoga studios! Because during this time, everything exists in the online space and it’s a great way to connect directly with possible students! Be it a group yoga lesson or private lessons!

Another common way to earn additional stream of income will be to work as a yoga instructor by teaching in your local gym or studio! It can be done as a part-time basis and great way to improve your yoga resume as well! No better way to diversify your income streams!

Lastly, it’s never too late to pursue your dream! Make the impossible possible, you have the power to be anything you want to be and use your time and ability well to start a brand new chapter for yourself! The best investment is yourself!

Thank you for reading! If you have any more questions, you can always reach me on my Instagram!

To find out more about my experience:

Yoga Teacher Training Experience Online Certified




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